Sunday, 1 April 2012

Recycling by local businesses

On Friday 30th March, I met up with the manager of the Smug Coffee Shop on Great George Street to discuss what improvements are needed to support small business in the area.

Meeting with Debbie, Manager to discuss ideas to improve Byres Road Town Centre.

In the last year, I have supported efforts to retain the mixed of retail provision in the Byres Road Town Centre. 

The priorities raised during our conversation included access to recycling services for small businesses. There are New Zero Waste Regulations which require all Scottish businesses to sort and present key recyclable materials for separate collection by 2013. This includes separate collections for paper and card, plastics, metals, and glass. For businesses in food retail, production or preparation, a separate food waste collection will also be required by 2013 for businesses with over 50 employees. By 2015, businesses with fewer employees will be asked to follow suit.

It became clear that a project to support recycling amongst businesses could be developed as part of the investment plans for Byres Road. 

The siting of commercial bins around the side streets and back lanes of the area can be seen as an eyesore and specific, secure storage bins for businesses in the area could enhance the area for residents and visitors alike.

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