Sunday, 1 July 2012

Rise Up Singing, Faslane

Today, I made a trip by train and bike to the North Gate at Faslane Naval Base to take part in the Rise Up Singing as part of the 30th Anniversary Events for the Faslane Peace Camp. 

The cycle from the train station in Helensburgh involved using a dedicated cycle route for most of the way. The sun came out, and so I stopped to enjoy the views of the Loch and Helensbourgh's yachts along the way.

View of cycle route near the Faslane Peace Camp.

Protest in Harmony provided song sheets and helped inspire singing throughout the afternoon. One of the songs was called Bury Trident by Leon Rosselson, arranged by Red Leceister Choir was performed. It features a chorus; 

"Trident, Trident, Money down the drain,
It can kill all living creatures and then kill them all again.
It's time we got together and it's time we made a fuss;
So that we can bury Trident,
Before it buries us."

Banners were displayed at the North Gate.

Various singers were involved including women who had helped set up the Faslane Peace Camp. I was really enjoyable to meet up with members of the singing group and I have learnt new protest songs which promote peace and justice.

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