Sunday, 5 January 2014

Stormy start to a momentous year

In November 2013, I attended the Base Glasgow Conference promoting low carbon built environment and infrastructure. This was the platform for the launch of the Climate Ready Clyde Strategy by Glasgow City Council. It is a significant strategy which brings together key players from the public, private and community sectors to work effectively in adapting to Climate Change. 

As we get caught up in stormy weather conditions and there are increased demands made on our public services to respond to the threats from severe weather events including flooding, we need to have confidence in efforts to respond to changing weather patterns across Glasgow and the Clyde Estuary. 

We can look forward to an update from the Project Manager, seconded from Sniffer, on the outcome of work with key stakeholders to agree the preferred approach to developing the regional adaptation strategy and action plan.

The risks associated with rising water levels along the River Kelvin should also be included in strategic plans. There should an opportunity to input to policies associated with river management as part of the next City Plan, due for consultation in early 2014.  

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