Friday, 26 August 2016

Glasgow's Housing Strategy

This month, I submitted comments on the Council's Housing Strategy giving my support for fuel poverty, energy efficiency and climate change to be a strategic priority in the new housing strategy. In addition, I gave my endorsement to the development of more stand alone and jointly funded district heating schemes. A mix of renewable energy sources can be developed including solar, wind, biomass and hydro.

Also, the need to Prevent and Address Homelessness as a priority gained my support. In my comments, I highlighted the support required to improve outcomes for Multiply Excluded Homeless Service Users, including people who are homeless, destitute and living with HIV. According to the Equality Act 2010, they should be provided with basic essentials such as appropriate accommodation and financial support. Local authorities should recognise the impact of poor housing on the health of homeless people living with HIV.

In my submission, I mentioned the need for the establishment of a Scottish Destitution Fund, similar to the provision as developed by the British Red Cross in Northern Ireland, with support of the Northern Ireland Executive. Details are available at:

There is a Free Standing Inquiry in to providers of accommodation for asylum seekers being carried out by the UK Home Affairs Committee in Autumn 2016. This Inquiry's final report should be useful to inform the development of the Council's Housing Strategy.

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