Sunday, 26 February 2017

Safe access to abortion services

Yesterday, I supported a peaceful group standing up for abortion rights and pro-choice in George Square. We protested at the plans by "40 Days for Life" for using tactics of intimidation and harassment towards women accessing family planning services provided by the NHS. Women who are choosing to access abortion services are systematically targeted and pestered outside clinics in Glasgow.  

Pro-choice activists called for women to not only be guaranteed safe abortions, but also safe passage while accessing services.  

Research by the Abortion Rights Campaign has highlighted that anti-abortion gatherings around clinics causes significant distress to women and invades their right to privacy. 

Whilst the limited number of people who have religious objections to all abortions are entitled to their views, it is not acceptable that they are allowed to harass women accessing abortion services in Glasgow.  Further information from Abortion Rights Campaign at:

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