Saturday, 21 January 2012

Develop reuse projects

Today, I was inspired by meeting people who have developed projects to reuse everyday items including broken umbrellas, tetrapaks and plastic bags.

You will have experience of seeing a broken umbrella abandoned on the street. It is possible to reuse the umbrella fabric to create various items such as recycled umbrellas and bags.
An recycled umbrella and poster with suggested uses for umbrella fabric.

I have been shown how to create small purses from tetrapak containers for fruit juices. It is easier than you think - just cut top and end off, then fold!

Various tetrapak purses.
Plastic bags can be shredded to create thread to create household items such as table mats and recycled bags.

Samples of woven plastic bag thread.

Useful links:-
Tetra Pak Craft Recycling -

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