Friday, 27 January 2012

Getting the celtic connection

Yesterday, I made my way to the City Halls to enjoy an evening of traditional folk music from Martin Simpson, Dick Gaughan, June Tabor and Finbar Furey. It was a great musical escape for three hours.

There were various stories shared by each musician about their tunes. One example is Finabar Furey's recollection of recording "New York Girls" in Rome for Martin Scorsese's fim Gangs of New York.  I was impressed with Dick Gaughan's performance of "The Green Linnet". He recalled singing this song over 35 years ago with Martin Simpson and you can find it on his album published in 1972.  

I hadn't heard June Tabor sing for many years and was absorbed by her performance, especially singing "Strange Affair". One of the songs "Brothers Under the Bridge" on Martin Simpson's new album "Purpose and Grace" was also one of the highlights for me.

These musicians have been long term associates and provided an amazing performance of songs from across the years.  As you may have gathered, I am a strong supporter of our musical talent and music festivals generally.

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