Saturday, 25 August 2012

Protecting our bandstand's heritage and design

Proposals for the restoration of the bandstand and amphitheatre in Kelvingrove have been developed over recent months and this process is led by Glasgow Building Preservation Trust, in partnership with Glasgow Life and the Council's Land and Environmental Services. I have attended several consultation events to receive updates and put forward comments on the plans. 

 The view of the bandstand next to pathway and trees on the banks at the River Kelvin.

This bandstand and amphitheatre is a unique venue to Glasgow and one of the few of its type in Scotland. It has an extra special setting along the banks of the River Kelvin, surrounded by mature trees.  The surrounding trees have importance as part of the area's wildlife corridor which follows the River Kelvin and they support Kelvingrove Park in providing a rich habitat for birds and other wildlife. In addition, the trees are supporting the riverbank's stability and flood attenuation.

 View of the existing terraces and benches of the amphitheatre.

There are benches on the lower terraces which I hope can be restored or replicated. The current terracing and hedging has worked well for events and provides a safe, user friendly environment. It is hoped that the existing terracing can restored and retained without changes to the step arrangement.  The consistency of the steps throughout the amphitheatre is required to protect public safety as people move around and use the various access routes at the amphitheatre.

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Benefits of large trees in the built environmentplease see Page 7-10.


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