Saturday, 18 August 2012

Forced into homelessness by government policy

From Friday 17th August, about 50 Glasgow asylum seekers face eviction from their homes. In response to their plight, I joined a an emergency rally organised at the Red Road Flats to show solidarity.

View of the banners at the Red Road Flats

Vulnerable asylum seekers who become destitute are given no options – they cannot work to support themselves, as they are legally prevented.

It is recognised by agencies  such as UK Border Agency (UKBA) that they are not able to return to their home countries; which include Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Somalia, as it is not safe or possible to do so.

Yet asylum seekers are denied support and in effect forced on to the streets. Without support or accommodation from statutory services, they are facing a daily struggle to survive. This is a desperate situation which cannot continue in a civilised, democractic society.

It should be accepted by all levels of government that people seeking asylum are entitled to have their basic human rights met by public agencies including food, shelter and the health care that they need.

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