Thursday, 27 September 2012

Apples and Kitchen Gardening in Schools

In July, I received a message via Twitter asking "Kitchen Gardening in Australia. Can it be done in Glasgow?".

I enquired with staff at Glasgow City Council about kitchen garden projects in schools and it is really wonderful to discover a wide range of initiatives encouraging pupils to grow fruit and vegetables, then cook them.

Today, I had the opportunity to hear about the food growing and cookery activity at Oakgrove Primary, in Woodside. Apple trees have been planted in the school grounds and this year, they produced 193 apples. 

The school's outdoor garden with apple trees.

As part of the curriculum of excellence, pupils have been involved in the process of harvesting the apples and turning them in to apply jelly. 

One of the School's jars of Apple Jelly 

Useful link:

Kitchen gardening in Australia -

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