Saturday, 19 January 2013

International solidarity with Greece

This is an international day of action for all anti-fascists, anti-racism groups and organisations. A clear message was sent out from all corners of the world against racism.

In Glasgow, I gave my support to a solidarity demo with our Greek Brothers and Sisters. The rise of the openly Nazi Golden Dawn Party which is polling 14% and being violent against migrants has sent shock waves across Europe. This is very alarming.  Today, there was a call for no fascism in Greece and no to Racism in Scotland.

 Banners at Solidarity Demo.

Everyone can get involved in activities to counter racism and fascism. We can promote a politics of peace and solidarity. On 27th January, it is Holocaust Memorial Day. There are events and activities to remember and stand by those who have been persecuted.

Useful link:

Holocaust Memorial Day -

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