Sunday, 27 January 2013

Issues arising from Home Laundry Habits

In the past year or so, I have been aware of a study being undertaken in to the issue of drying domestic washing. 

There is an awareness of how costly it is to use tumble dryers and people are choosing to dry clothes within their home, such as hanging them on radiators. The study investigated air quality and energy consumption as a consequence of domestic laundry habits.

The findings include that all housing types do not have adequate drying spaces in which to dry clothes at home.

A design guide has been produced to mitigate energy consumed and any adverse side effects with regards to air quality or the fabric and contents inside a home. 

It suggests a change to the current Scottish statutory standards for passive indoor drying as well as related best practice. The proposed solution is to ensure that a drying space is provided with its own heat and ventilation and specific facilities are available for hanging clothes e.g. indoor drying cupboard, covered outdoor drying area, and communal drying space.

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