Thursday, 4 April 2013

Meadow Protest - Halt 90 Flats Development

Today, I joined Glasgow MSP Patrick Harvie in calling on Glasgow City Council to reject plans to build 90 flats on North Kelvin Meadow.

The demonstration in support of North Kelvin Meadow took place at George Square and highlighted the efforts of the community to make the city more sustainable. 

                                             Residents call on the Council to "Save Our Meadow"
Patrick Harvie MSP said: “The Council has said they want the people of Glasgow to become 'green activists' as part of our bid to become Green European Capital in 2015. If this ambition is to mean anything, the Council must support the endeavours of the people of Glasgow to renew their local landscape, and block this development."

 Patrick Harvie MSP, Douglas Peacock and myself at George Square.

Local residents have put in the hard work to transform land that the Council let fall into disrepair, and a wealth of community activity has sprung up around North Kelvin Meadow as a result. If the Council lets this development go ahead, it will be utterly disheartening for local residents, and send a pretty negative message to other people in Glasgow who are considering investing time and effort in improving their local area.

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