Sunday, 8 February 2015

Local residents concerned about plans for former BBC site

This week, I received a series of emails highlighting objections to the new proposals for the former BBC site on Hamilton Drive. The developer is seeking to build a new substation next to the B-listed terrace housing and also, to remove 13 mature trees along the riverbank.

13 trees to be removed from this riverbank due to housing proposal.

Proposed location of the new substation.

The developer is making amendments to the existing plans and this has upset the local residents who take pride in preserving the quality of their local environment. 

The removal of the trees could be avoided by ensuring the boundary of housing development is further back from the riverbank. The new substation would be sited within the housing development and not adjacent to the victorian terrace. This would recognise the importance of protecting the views of the existing victorian architecture within Hamilton Drive.

At a meeting of the Planning Committee, a revised plans for the site was agreed. Thankfully, the proposal to remove 13 trees and build a new substation have been withdrawn. 

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