Saturday, 7 February 2015

Plans to support activities along the Canal

A planning consultation event known as a "Charette" was organised by the Glasgow Canal Regeneration Partnership from 4th - 7th February 2015. It aimed to develop proposals to enhance the opportunities provided along the Forth & Clyde Canal. The focus was on identified ideas which would be supported by the communities of Woodside, Firhill and Hamiltonhill. I took part in a walkabout and a workshop discussion on environmental issues. 

View of the event at Firhill Basin.

"Temporary overlay for a jetty" by Gwenan Davies

"Translucent Rock" by Fionnuala McGowan

Today, I visited the finale at the Firhill basin, where there were artworks, music and a film to enjoy. A variety of artworks were displayed throughout the area. It would be really positive if pop-up environmental art installations were supported on a regular basis.

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