Saturday, 24 October 2015

Visit to Toryglen's new residential care & day centre

Yesterday, I received a tour of the new residential care home and day centre at Orchard Grove in Toryglen, prior to the service users moving in. 

This new home provides 120 en-suite bedrooms across 8 units with 15 residents accommodated in each of the units. There is a garden with an activity area and benches to enable residents to enjoy the outdoors.

Renewable energy is supplied from solar panels installed on a roof area.

There are 11 plumbed in drinking water facilities in the activity rooms/social spaces.

 Welcoming entrance with telephone box and post box for residents.

There is a large car park which encourages travel by car.

The building has been designed with features to help reduce carbon emissions such as solar panels to produce renewable energy and plumbed in drinking water facilities to minimise the need for bottled water. 

Access to the new home by public transport and cycling needs to be developed. I took the No7 bus there and back. I had to walk along littered paths to/from the bus stop. Bus services that pass by the entrance to the new home are required.

Over the next month, residents are moving in and the day centre is expected to open thereafter. The day centre will offer a "Changing Places" toilet for community use.

Useful link: GCC Residental Care and Day Care Facilities

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