Sunday, 28 August 2011

Plans for a bus car park

The Accord Centre is a day care facility for people with learning disabilities in the East End.  Currently, it is proposed that this Centre will be demolished and a transport hub with bus parking created on the site for the 11-day Commonwealth Games in 2014. 

View of the Accord Centre.

As part of the legacy for the Commonwealth Games, investment in new transport infrastructure seems to have been higher up the agenda than services for carers and people with learning disabilities. There is funding provided for new roads including the M74 Extension and East End Regeneration Route, and a transport hub with bus car park on the site of the Accord Centre. However, there is uncertainty over resources for day care services needed by people with learning disabilities and their families.

Banner from the demonstration to save the Accord Centre on 27th August.

I understand that there are negotiations taking place to ensure that there is a plan to accommodate the services provided by the Accord Centre. 

As a legacy of the Commonwealth Games, investment should be provided to ensure that people with learning disabilities and their families have access to dedicated day care facilities, and they should feel that they are recognised and valued members of the community within the East End. 

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