Sunday, 28 August 2011

Capping of Kilgarth Landfill Site

There is a landfill site owned by Glasgow City Council which is located nearby Coatbridge. It has not be in the use for the last 10 years and a contract has been agreed for the capping of the site. 

View of haulage road and part of the landfill site.

The existence of this landfill site was flagged up to myself several years ago. I have taken on board the concerns of local residents who live nearby, and asked questions about the site. Thanks to assistance from council officials, I have been able to visit and gain a detailed insight in to its history.  

View of the landfill site which is currently being capped.

On Friday, I saw significant progress being made by contractors to complete the capping. In the months ahead, I will make further enquiries about tree-planting and assist in the ongoing monitoring of activities at the site.

Update on 17th June 2012:
The report with the CQA Validation Statement on the capping was finalised in April 2012.  I have viewed the report in the council offices. Trees can puncture the seal and only landscaping with grass is provided.

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