Monday, 15 August 2011

Celebrating the successes of student protest

The students at the University of Glasgow are bringing their sit-in at the former Hetherington Research Club to an end after negotiating a series of concessions with the Senior Management in recent weeks.
Students gather to protest against cuts
Students have effectively exerted pressure on University Management by occupying the Free Hetherington over 6 months and this has led to agreement that there is a new postgraduate club, no further cuts to courses and no compulsory redundancies at the University. 
I have given my full support to the efforts of students to preserve Free University Education and also, backed up efforts to prevent cuts to courses at the University.

It is essential that there is continued support for every student to have the right to participate in peaceful protest.  

I will continue to assist students in their efforts to protect Higher Education from austerity cuts.

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