Sunday, 23 November 2014

No corporate power grab. No to TTIP.

There is a trade deal - the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - being negotiated between Europe and the USA.  It is known as TTIP. Private corporations have been shaping this deal in discussions with unelected European officials behind closed doors.
The #noTTIP Times published by World Development Movement

This trade deal would result in big business gaining new powers over our society and wider democracy. It threatens our public services, workers rights, food safety and our environment. It would "lock-in" privatisation of public services, encourage fracking, and promote fossil fuel production. 

Opposition to TTIP is growing across Europe. The Green Party in Europe is the only party to oppose TTIP. Scottish Greens have launched a campaign to protect our public sector, food standards and workers rights from corporate attack.

Useful link:

Scottish Greens say no to TTIP -

European Citizens Initiative Petition Against TTIP -

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