Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Development of Woodside “Mini Holland” Scheme.

I have given my support for cycling investment to develop the Woodside “Mini Holland” Scheme.This area of the city is overshadowed by M8 motorway.  There are concerns about congestion; road casualties; physical inactivity; and the ill health caused by it such as obesity and air pollution.

Investment in a cycling route within Woodside could help to substantially reduce these risks, while strengthening the local high street economy in the area; supporting local businesses and property values; boosting the health of residents; and improving access for disadvantaged groups to skills and employment opportunities.

The economic benefits of investing in such small scale projects that benefit cycling are often underestimated. The Woodside mini-Holland will support cycling activity linked to the city centre strategy and wider regeneration of the Canal Quarter. 

The initial capital outlay needed to construct cycling infrastructure will be more than repaid by savings to the health budget, from reduced congestion, from reduced wear and tear on road infrastructure, from reduced pollution, and from improved house prices. Project funding has been sought by Glasgow City Council from the Sustrans and we await the outcome of this bid. 

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