Sunday, 29 January 2017

Keep Glasgow's Jobcentres

On Monday, 23rd January, I took part in a walk to protest at the proposal by the UK Government to close half of Glasgow's Jobcentres. There is a consultation on the plan to close Maryhill Job Centre and expect people to go to Springburn Jobcentre. 

By walking from Maryhill Jobcentre to Springburn Jobcentre, I highlighted the distance to get to an appointment and that it would take an hour and two minutes to get there. Walks in excess of two hours to and from an appointment, rather than a 22 minute round journey by car will be the typical experience for claimants facing the loss of their local Jobcentre. In reality people making the journey from their homes, will have distances and times that are even longer. This is not reasonable or necessary.

 At the entrance of Maryhill Jobcentre.
On arrival at Springburn Jobcentre.

I am very concerned that the closure of job centres will result in more claimants being sanctioned for being late to appointments. Far from supporting more claimants to find work, the closures will increase hardship for communities across Glasgow.The closures would be disproportionately felt by disabled people, older people and women. Women are more likely to have caring responsibilities and will therefore have to make arrangements to have children or relatives looked after while they make the longer journey to a busier jobcentre. There will be additional costs, longer walking time and general stress that is not acceptable.

Objections to the plan to close jobcentres in Glasgow can be submitted until 31st January 2017. 

By post - Etta Wright, District Manager’s Office, Public consultation,1st Floor 
Laurieston Jobcentre, 159-181 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow G41 1PW

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