Thursday, 23 June 2011

Call for planned sale to be halted.

I have proposed that the planned sale of the Clouston Street site is halted.

Glasgow City Council is proposing to provide a new sports pitch serving the North and North West of the city. This is estimated as costing £3.4 million, according to a cost estimate from 2007 and £2.48 million has been allocated to date. The sale of a council owned site at Clouston Street is expected to generate a contribution of £1m to meet the shortfall.

This sports pitch project was discussed at a meeting of the Executive Committee.  I proposed that other options be considered to cover the funding requirements of the new pitch within North Kelvinside.  

View of the Clouston Street Site.

Clouston Street is well used green, open space which should be preserved for recreational activities. It has never been built on and is a much needed amenity for residents living in a densely populated tenemental area of the city.

I am aware that the majority of local residents have responding to the survey which opposed the Council’s plan to sell the land to a property developer and supported the North Kelvin Meadow Campaign’s proposal for a mixed-use green space comprising allotments and a community orchard, a wild meadow and a small wood.

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