Saturday, 18 June 2011

Household clearances appear on the streets

It's been a week for finding mattresses, sofas and general household items scattered on the streets. I found an example of what appeared to be the contents of a flat on a corner in Woodside.

Household items dumped on the pavement in Woodside.

This can be avoided by arranging for a charity to assist with the clear out or arranging for items to be donated to furniture recycling initiatives.

Landlords need to make sure that their tenants are not leaving bulk items out on the street. Landlords should have developed plans to ensure that old furnishings are taken away for recycling and not dumped.

I have been requested to ask for more signs to discourage fly tipping in the area.

More promotion of charities who want donations of household goods and furniture is urgently required.

Clean Glasgow Signage.

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