Saturday, 18 June 2011

Meandering through the Greek Market

There was a bustling market selling traditional Greek food and snacks at St. Luke's Greek Orthodox Cathedral today. I purchased some treats including baklava and chocolate.

Doorway in to the Cathedral

The congregation of the Cathedral largely originate from Cyprus, where I enjoyed a wonderful holiday in mid-1990s. As I sat with my coffee in the cafe area, listening to Greek music, my experiences of the Roman mosaics, the mountains, churches and restaurants of that trip flooded back.

Three angels at the table.

The Cathedral was gifted by the Stakis Brothers over 50 years and is a beautiful place to walk round. I was particularly impressed with the stained glass windows and paintings of angels.

I recall the journey I made to Nicosia during the holiday and my visit to the "Green Line" which separates the Turkish and Greek terrorities. It is still astounding that there is no resolution to the conflict arising from the ongoing Turkish occupation of the island started in 1974.

It was a relief to be able to light a candle for the people who have suffered and continue to suffer because of this illegal occupation of Cyprus by Turkey.

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