Friday, 24 June 2011

Save subjects at Strathclyde University

Courses in Humanities and Social Sciences face closure following a meeting of the University's Senate on Wednesday 22nd June.

I am giving my support to the campaign to save Sociology, Geography, Community Education and Music, joining the students gathered outside the meeting on Rottenrow.

Photo taken at rally on 22nd June.

Without access to the course in Community Education, the city will be disadvantaged from a lack of specific skills and expertise required to enhance the life chances of the most vulnerable and disenfranchised groups. It is a vital course which enables the university to show it takes seriously its social responsibility. The University has a duty to address inequality and it should recognise the importance of community education, in terms of its benefits to the communities affected by poverty and neglect.

It has to be acknowledged that Strathclyde University takes 50% of all students studying Community Education in Scotland.  The only other universities offering this degree are on the east coast so if the proposals are accepted, there will be no Community Education degree available to students in the west coast of Scotland, one of the most deprived regions of Western Europe.

The University should be proud of this course, along with the learning and teaching provided in Sociology, Geography and Music, the graduates it produces and the work they do. Every efforts has to be made to fund these courses as our city's efforts to challenge inequality and injustice will be weakened substantially for the next generation if they are not available.

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