Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dealing with dog poo

Dog dirt can spoil our enjoyment of public parks and open spaces.  Dog owners are encouraged to clean up after their pets. Local dog shows in local communities can help to get the message across effectively. 

Yesterday, I was a judge in a dog show which brought together people in the Hyndland area. The prize winners included "Most laid back dog over 7 years", "West End Woofer - best mannered dog" and "Hound of the Year".  There was a great atmosphere and plenty of enthusiasm amongst the participants.

Dogs at the dog show in Old Station Park

Dog mess can be placed in a bag and usually, it ends up in landfill.  Alternatively, there are bio-degradeable pick up sacks that can be used and flushed down the toilet. This is the sensible way forward.

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