Saturday, 3 September 2011

Get on your bike!

In recent weeks, I have heard of continuing interest in cycling and people are requesting better facilities to encourage them to get on their bike.

As part of the council's efforts to improve our air quality, resources are being spent to improve provision for cyclists including cycle parking facilities. I have requested additional cycle parking in the Kelvinbridge area but there may be other sites that should be included. Any suggestions?

Bike parking at Hyndland Secondary

It is very enjoyable to cycle along the Forth and Clyde Canal or Kelvin Walkway. Dedicated cycling routes such as these make it easy and convenient for cyclists to travel to/from the West End to other parts of the city.

Cycle parking at Kersland Street

More resources are needed to encourage cycling for schools, universities and workplaces. I would support any initiatives that develop safer cycling and reduce bike thefts.

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