Sunday, 18 July 2021

Further progress with segregated cycle lane on Garscube Road

The segregated cycle lane on Garscube Road has been installed between St. Georges Road and Hinshaw Street in recent weeks. 

Junction of Hinshaw Street and Garscube Road

There is a significant improvement in safety for cyclists travelling to and from the Woodside Health and Social Care Centre. I hope that there will be more people will be encouraged to take up cycling as a result of the cycling infrastructure investment in this area.

Flowers blooming in North Kelvinside

During July, I have been enjoying regular walks within the North Kelvin area. The stairway between Melrose Gardens and Kelvinside Gardens East is a viewpoint with beautiful flowers established by the Dear Green Flower Farm.

View of flowers at the stairway

I am aware of the dedication and hard work of volunteers and supporters involved in the Dear Green Flower Farm. Their work is helping to create habitats for pollinators and encourages development of gardening skills to promote nature conservation.

Sunday, 20 June 2021

Support for Spaces for People

Today, the public consultation in to the future of the Spaces for People project is closing. I am supporting the continuation of a traffic-free Kelvin Way.

Kelvin Way prioritised for walking and cycling

Also, within Byres Road, there are spaces for people created to support local businesses.

At Tesco

At Old Salty's

At Little Italy

Hopefully, these spaces can be made permanent until the public realm works by the City Deal.

Refurbishment for tenement flats at Melrose Street

 A Compulsory Purchase Order has been carried out by the Council for tenement flats at 4-6 Melrose Street, in Woodlands.

The flats will be transferred to Charing Cross Housing Association to complete building repairs and create eight or nine flats for social housing for rent.

Clean up of St. Georges Cross Underpass

This week, the underpass at St. Georges Cross has been cleaned up with graffiti removal and flytipped items uplifted.

View of the underpass and footpath

This area had become a public health hazard due to the graffiti and untidy appearance. Thanks to the council staff from cleansing and graffiti removal.

Friday, 28 May 2021

Speeding cars at Claremont Terrace

There is a problem with speeding cars at Claremont Terrace which is putting lives at risk. There is a need for improved signage and traffic calming in this street to prevent accidents involving local families.

This is not a quiet residential street but a busy commuter route between Sauchiehall Street and Woodlands Road. Further investment is needed to deter speeding cars. 

Workers memorial at Glasgow Green

On a visit to Glasgow Green, I stopped at the Workers Memorial which was covered in wreaths commemorating International Workers Memorial Day on 28th April 2021. The focus of this year was health and safety is a fundamental right at work.

This year, more than ever, we remember those who have been lost their lives at work or who are made ill from work-related injury or disease. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted why health and safety must be right for everyone who works.