Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Emergency Works on M8 Woodside Viaduct

There is continued access for pedestrians and cyclists whilst the emergency work is undertaken at the M8 Woodside Viaduct.

View of underpass
View of works on concrete pillars.

The maintenance of the street lighting and street cleansing is a high priority. I am gathering information about any littering to be removed during my regular walkabouts.

Work beginning on former Hillhead Baptist Church

There is increased concern about the number of vacant or derelict buildings across Woodlands, Hillhead and Park Circus areas. It is hoped that the owners can be encouraged to invest in these buildings which are listed and within a conservation area. 

Last week, it was good to find that works are beginning on the former Hillhead Baptist Church to create housing.

The most serious concerns have been raised about derelict properties on Bank Street. This street has experienced ongoing issues with abandoned buildings. Further support and assistance has been requested from the empty homes officer at the council.

Street lighting in Kelvingrove Park

During the last month, I have reported faults affecting existing street lights within walking and cycling routes at Kelvin Way, Sunlight Road and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Lighting faults repaired on Sunlight Road, within Kelvingrove Park     

Lighting faults fixed in Kelvin Way.

I complete regular walkabouts to gather information and report street lighting faults to council officials. It is a priority to ensure that the existing street lights within Kelvingrove Park are well maintained.

Tuesday, 21 December 2021

New bollards on Lynedoch Street

This week, new bollards have been installed on Lynedoch Street. The previous bollards had been damaged by passing vehicles.

There is ongoing concern about speeding vehicles. It is hoped that the new bollards will support road safety and safer driving on the Park Circus area. 

Surgeries for January 2022

 During January, I will be available to meet residents with concerns.

Please note the following information about my outdoor surgeries:-

Friday 21st January from from 2 - 3pm, at seating in Cresswell Street Playpark, Cresswell Street.

Please wear a mask, bring hand sanitiser and maintain 2 metres distance. You can drop - in or book an appointment in advance by email or text message. 

Also, I can meet by appointment using MS teams on the following days:-

Wednesday 5th January from 7 - 8pm

Wednesday 19th January from 7 - 8pm

I look forward to hearing from you. 


Student tower block at New City Road

This month, a new student accommodation tower block has been completed on New City Road. It is dominating the local skyline due to its size and scale. 

View of the new block on New City Road, next to M8 and St. Georges Cross

The new development has a negative impact on the views of local heritage across the west end including the local church spires and University Tower. It is also out of place alongside the nearby 4-storey flats and primary school. 

Landscaping works have been undertaken but there could be further improvements. It is located on an important active travel route from St. Georges Road under the M8 through to Cowcaddens, which is expecting an upgrade with the Underline Project.