Saturday, 24 April 2021

Clean up of lanes in Woodlands

This month, there have been clean ups organised across the Woodlands area. Residents have been maintaining their back lanes and their efforts have included painting gates.

View of gates to lanes in Woodlands.

There are ongoing plans by residents to look after their back lanes. The lanes have become more attractive with flower boxes and spaces have been created for nature conservation.

Support for businesses at Otago Lane

Today, I visited Otago Lane to enjoy a takeaway from Tchai Ovna. Other businesses in the lane have been operating online. 

                                                        Views of Otago Lane.

There are many local independent businesses who require our ongoing support to recover from the Covid19 Pandemic. 

Dispose of rubbish properly to protect our nature.

Demand for personal protective equipment, safety screens, and single-use plastic products, such as takeout containers, plastic bags, and packaging has skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic. The increased use of plastic has had negative consequences for our city’s cleanliness and generated litter on our streets, and roadsides, as well as in our rivers, canal and public spaces.

Face masks are littering our streets.

It is vital that we consider the effects on other forms of life and take forward plans to dispose of plastics properly to protect our nature. This rise in the use of single-use plastic, including face masks, is slowly destroying our planet and our wildlife in the process. Disposable face masks can be mistaken for jellyfish, the main food source for turtles and other ocean animals. There is an emerging threat to animals through entrapment, entanglement, ingestion of PPE and its inclusion as nesting material by birds.