Saturday, 15 February 2020

Flooding in Kelvingrove Park

The heavy rainfall and stormy weather has caused flooding within Kelvingrove Park. On a walkabout, I noticed that the play area and skateboard park were filling up with water.

Flooded play areas

Flooding of footpath in Kelvingrove Park, opposite Westbank Quadrant.

View of grassed area covered in flooding

Walking through the park is difficult due to the flooding of pathways from Storm Dennis. 

Objection to another takeaway in Woodlands

This week, I made an objection to plans for a takeway to be opened at 188 Woodlands Road. This proposal will have a negative impact on a tenement building in Woodlands Conservation Area. The takeaway will be an eyesore within the streetscape, creating visual intrusion and detract from the architectural qualities of the tenement's appearance.

The takeaway would result in loss of residential amenity. Residents will suffer constantly from disturbance from people using the takeaway. They are entitled to live without noise, nuisance, and littering. There is already littering and noise in Woodlands Rod as a result of existing takeaways and fast food outlets. A consistent flow of people park their cars whilst eating from the existing takeaways and then proceed to open their car door and dump their rubbish on Woodlands Road. 

View of site of proposed takeaway on Woodlands Road 

Currently, there is noise nuisance from cars in the streets with groups playing loud music whilst they eat their food from existing takeaways. The design and layout of the tenement buildings leads to noise reverberating and this results in sleep problems for residents as their bedrooms are located at the front of these properties. 

There is an overprovision of takeaways on Woodlands Road. The 9 businesses include Chillies, West End Fish Bar, El Perro Negro, Pepe's Peri Peri and Nic's NYC Deli. In addition there is a street trader parked on Park Drive directly opposite the proposed Pizza shop. 

View of scaffolding at 188 Woodlands Road.

It is noted that scaffolding has been erected at the front of the tenement and details of the works to be carried out on the building will be investigated. Building works will require a building warrant and planning consent to be able to proceed. 

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Resurfacing of stairway at Melrose Gardens, North Kelvin

There have been improvements made to the stairway at Melrose Gardens by the Council. The steps have been resurfaced and made safe for residents getting around the area on foot.
View of stairway

Ongoing maintenance of these steps and street sweeping in the area will needed. Thanks to everyone who has supported these resurfacing works. 

Redevelopment at University Place

University Place is under development with new pavements and parking arrangements. Yesterday, I noticed pedestrians walking on the one way route for vehicles from University Avenue and University Place. There are signs directing pedestrians to use specific footways but people are using shortcuts through the area.

View of one way roadway on University Place used by pedestrians.

View of footway through University Place.
 View of footway through University Avenue.
 View of footway at junction of University Place and University Avenue
New footway being laid in University Avenue at junction with University Place.

There is a need to ensure that cleansing vehicles and staff are able to access Sutherland Lane, off University Place, to empty the refuse and recycling bins as they are overflowing. 

Tree planting at Lilybank Gardens

Yesterday, on a walkabout of the area, I spotted new trees planted within the greenspace at Lilybank Gardens. This is good news for nature and people living in Hillhead.

Several of the trees planted at Lilybank Gardens.

The planting of trees to replace those that have been removed during the development of sites for housing or the new university campus within Hillhead is vital. Trees support improved air quality, carbon capture, development of wildlife habitats and help with flood prevention.