Vote Green

 Vision and Policy

The Scottish Green Party is part of a growing global movement committed to a more equal and peaceful world, and to safeguarding the world's environment. We are guided by four interconnected principles:


Our environment is the basis upon which every society is formed. Whenever we damage our environment, we damage ourselves. Respect for our environment is therefore essential.


A society that is not socially and economically just cannot be sustainable. Only when released from immediate poverty can individuals be expected to take responsibility for wider issues.

Our society must be founded on cooperation and respect. We campaign hard against discrimination on grounds of gender, race, sexuality, disability, age or religion.

Radical Democracy

Politics is too often conducted in a polarised, confrontational atmosphere and in a situation remote from those that it affects. We must develop decentralised, participative systems that enable individuals to control the decisions that affect their own lives.

Peace and Non-Violence

Violence at all levels of human interaction must be rejected and succeeded by relations characterised by flexibility, respect and fairness.

These principles taken together give the Scottish Green Party a holistic view that is in common with all green parties around the world, but which is unique amongst Scottish political parties.

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