Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Increased food growing activity

Over the Summer months, various gap sites have been used for raised beds to grow vegetables in the area. I have noticed some new raised beds within North Kelvin.

At Melrose Gardens

At Wilton Street

I am interested in working with residents to increase the land available for food growing. Local residents' groups can access tools, equipment and advice via the Glasgow Community Food Network.

Support School Car Free Zone at Hillhead Primary

This month, I have asked council officials for the School Car Free Zone at Hillhead Primary to become permanent. The current temporary traffic regulation order runs out in December 2020 after an 18 month pilot project. The time is right to issue a new traffic regulation order to ensure that this school car free zone is made permanent.

Signage at Hillhead Primary.
Based on the success of the pilot project, I will continue to push for the required traffic regulation order to be issued for the school car free zone during October 2020.