Sunday, 27 October 2019

Improvements to Back Lanes in Woodlands

On a walkabout, today, I noticed a significant improvements in the back lanes within Woodlands. The tarmac lane between Dunearn Street and Carrington Street was cleared of bulk items. In addition, progress is being made with a residents group making improvements at the lane between Woodlands Drive and Dunearn Street. 

 View of the tarmac lane

Repairs to gate at lane between Dunearn Street and Woodlands Drive

New sign to support recycling and donation of household items to charity.

There is ongoing partnership work by residents to improve the private lanes in Woodlands.

Tree works at St. Georges Cross

This week, trees have been cut down from the road verges on the motorway interchange at St. Georges Cross. The removal of some trees has created gap sites and reduced vegetation to support biodiversity. 

 Cleared area at pathway to/from Garnethill

 Tree stumps next to M8.

Cleared ground on St. Georges Road.

Tree planting in response to the Climate Emergency has been recommended. Plans are needed to manage the trees along the motorway network and replace the trees removed from this area. 

Youth Climate Strike on 25th October

A group of youth climate strikers gathered in George Square on 25th October. I offered by support and encouragement to their campaign efforts as part of Fridays for the Future. 

 Banners by the Youth Climate Strikers

There is an ongoing campaign calling for action in response to the Climate Emergency. The next day of global demonstrations is on Friday 29th November. 

Protecting wildlife

The annual conference of the Scottish Green Party took place in Inverness on 12th to 13th October. I attended various discussions on policy issues and met up with activists from across the country.   

I was able to show my support for the proposed Member's Bill by Alison Johnstone MSP which will provide legal protections to foxes, mountain hares and brown hares.

Stroll through Glasgow Botanic Gardens

This month, I visited the Black History Month's exhibition at the Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens. There are always special heritage displays, beautiful flower beds and interesting plants to learn about.

 Views of the Botanic Gardens.

Due to the ecological crisis, the Botanic Gardens have an increasingly important role in promoting nature conservation and sharing information about the latest scientific findings. 

50th Anniversary of Belhaven Nursery

On 5th October, I attended the 50th Birthday Celebration of Belhaven Nursery. It was a chance to support the nursery's development which is located alongside the new primary school being built on Queen Margaret Drive.

 Banner celebrating 50 years of Belhaven Nursery

View of the building site next to the nursery.

Over the next year, the maintenance of the nursery facilities will be a priority. It is vital that the nursery building receives the capital investment it needs to deliver expanded nursery education for families in the area.