Thursday, 28 February 2019

Remembering WW1 at Pollok Park

Last Sunday, I attended an open day for "Digging In", the WW1 outreach and learning project in Pollok Park. This project has leased an area of land from the Council to create trenches, no man's land, and garden areas.

 Crowd gathers for the open day.
 Waterlogged trenches designed for soldiers on the Western Front.
No Man's Land.

This was a very informative event with a talk describing the development of trenches and daily lives of soldiers on the Western Front. This project has come to an end and the land will be cleared of trenches in the next few weeks.

Plastic bottles at Forth & Clyde Canal

Earlier this month, I went on a walk along the Forth & Clyde Canal and discovered plastic bottles littering the canal's icy surface.

View of plastic bottles and litter on the canal

There is a continuing need to highlight the problem of litter being washed in to the canal. Plastic bottles are polluting our rivers and canals. We need to continue to reduce plastic items dumped along the canal to protect wildlife habitats and using a reusable water bottle is a good way to support nature conservation.

Monday, 18 February 2019

Support for the YouthStrike4Climate

On Friday 15th February, children and young people gathered in George Square to join in an international strike for climate justice. I attended to show solidarity and hear the concerns of people taking part in the protest. Various banners highlighted the key issues if we are to stop climate breakdown.

System change... 

No more pollution

Can we change?

Crowds gather next to the Cenotaph.

There are a series of protests planned to highlight the climate crisis and the next YouthStrike4Climate takes place on 15th March.

Revised plans for Otago Lane

Last week, I was notified that the developer had consent to cut down trees at the open space next to Otago Lane as they had met the conditions of the current planning consent.

It was very distressing to hear the tree cutting and removal of some trees from the site on Thursday 14th February. Whilst, planning conditions allow this tree work to take place, it is not in anyone's interested for this site of outstanding beauty and area of significant wildlife habitat to be destroyed. 

View of riverbank area where trees removed.

View of the riverbank after tree felling at Otago Lane.

This evening, I attended a display of new plans by the developer of Otago Lane which amend the existing design of the buildings and their layout at the site. I am seeking to ensure that the new designs give protection to the Green Wildlife Corridor on the riverbank area as shown in the Open Space Map PAN 65 and also, safeguard the future of existing business and residents at Otago Lane.