Sunday, 27 January 2019

Improved cycle route at Kelvinside Avenue.

During a walkabout, I noticed that works have been completed to open the fence at Kelvinside Avenue to enable a cycle route to be provided directly to/from Maryhill Road.

 View of route through the fence at Kelvinside Avenue
  View at Kelvinside Avenue

View of route through the fence at Kelvinside Avenue

This new route will enhance safety for people cycling between Murano Student Village, the Forth & Clyde Canal and the North Kelvin area.

Repairs at Woodside Library

Currently, there is refurbishment activity being carried out at Woodside Library on St. Georges Road, by City Building on behalf of Glasgow Life. The repairs include work on the dome, chandelier and cowal.

View of covered scaffolding on roof of Woodside Library.

The scaffolding will be in place to help support the extensive repairs during 2019. It is anticipated that the library will continue to be open as part of the refurbishment. 

Monday, 21 January 2019

Support provided for Otago Lane

I am involved in supporting residents and businesses at the Otago Lane in Hillhead. This is a unique, historic cobbled lane in the Glasgow West Conservation Area. There is a tea shop, a music shop, a clock maker and a second-hand bookshop which are established in the lane. 
Some trees were cut down on 14th & 15th January.

Planning permission has been given to build a controversial residential development on the open space next to Otago Lane but there are series of conditions to be met before any work can start. 

View of stop notice on the railings at Otago Lane.

On 16th January, planning enforcement officials issued a stop notice on tree cutting and any other works on the site. We await the outcome of their investigations in to the plans.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Time for litter clean up

There are regular community clean ups in the Hillhead and Woodlands area. Residents are involved in clearing litter and flytipping from streets and open spaces. On Saturday 12th January, I helped to remove dumped items in the Kelvinbridge area.

Area next to River Kelvin at Inn Deep was cleared of litter.

Items gathered at the clean up on Bank Street.

There are various residents groups who coordinate clean up in partnership with local businesses and council services. They make a significant contribution in helping bring about improvements to the local area's environment. These activities are also reducing the amount of plastic, bottles and cans which end up polluting our rivers and seas.