Saturday, 28 November 2020

New primary school on Queen Margaret Drive

There is a new primary school under construction by City Building. This school is located adjacent to Belhaven Nursery.

The construction work and fitting out of the building will not be completed until March 2022. The P1 class for the new school will start in August 2021.  They will be based within St. Charles Primary in preparation for the move to the new school. 

Improving water quality in the River Kelvin

The programme of work to improve water quality in the River Kelvin is continuing at the Flint Mill until April 2021. There is access for the public along the Kelvin Walkway whilst the works are undertaken.

                                                    View of the works at the Flint Mill
Temporary dam at the Flint Mill

There is significant investment being completed to install an underground chamber with a mechanical screen to filter out and prevent items flushed down the toilet e.g. wet wipes overflowing in to the river.

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Support for Belgrave Community Garden

During the Covid19 pandemic, the role of greenspaces such as community gardens, has developed as part of residents' efforts to get outdoors and to stay locally for daily exercise.

View of Belgrave Community Garden

Belgrave Community Garden has become established as a meeting space for residents over the last 10 years. Planning consent has been granted for this community garden with trees and more residents have become involved in activities to preserve this greenspace, this year. The site has never been built upon. It is an ideal space for young families to access the outdoors safely in the Hillhead area.

Repairs to the wall at Kelvinside Terrace South

This week, repairs have been completed to the wall between Kelvinside Terrace South and Queen Margaret Road, in North Kelvin. This maintenance work was identified and requested during a walkabout with residents in 2019. Further to discussions with council officials, the repairs were agreed as part of planned work during 2020. 

View of repaired wall 

This highlights the importance of walkabouts with residents to ensure that repairs and maintenance work is carried out by the Council. The input from residents is vital to ensure that there is an improvement in the upkeep of local streets.