Monday, 31 July 2017

The beauty of the fountain

In recent weeks, I have made enquiries about the repairs and maintenance of the Stewart Memorial Fountain in Kelvingrove Park. It is a favourite place to go for many and people enjoy the spectacle of the fountain when it is fully operational.

View of the fountain, last Thursday evening.

I am giving support to the repairs and maintenance programme for the Fountain. There is a need to promote this Fountain as part of the Council's Parks activity programme.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Canal Festival at Applecross Street

Today, I went along to the Glasgow Canal Festival which provided a range of family entertainment including canoe taster sessions, bike rides, makers market, wildlife discovery and dragon boat race.

View of the canal at Applecross Street.

Dragon Boat Race on the canal.

Makers' Market at the Whisky Bond

"Macbeth" Exhibition at Rockvilla, National Theatre of Scotland.

It was a very worthwhile event bringing together people interested in outdoor activities along the canal area. Significant investment has been made in the new workspaces, supported accommodation and recreational facilities at the Applecross basin.  Hopefully, more people will choose to spend time at the Forth & Clyde Canal.

Solar energy can compact street waste

Last weekend, I visited my family in Fife and spotted a BigBelly Solar bin which harvests energy from the sun and uses it to compact waste to an eighth of its size. I don't think this type of bin has been tried in Glasgow. 

BigBelly Solar bin

It could be suitable for some of our busy streets. I have asked council officials if they can consider this option as part of the replacement programme for street bins.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Burnbank Gardens Clean Up

Yesterday, I helped with a clean up in Burnbank Gardens, Woodside. This area is part of the Glasgow West Conservation Area and an important feature of the city's greenspace network.

 Litter gathered at the clean up
View of Burnbank Gardens

I look forward to taking part in future events to promote the gardens and improve the maintenance of the local area.

Celebrate treaty to ban nuclear weapons

On Saturday, 8th July, I went along to the North Gate at Faslane Naval Base to join a group celebrating the United Nations completing talks to agree a Ban on nuclear weapons.

The global treaty banning nuclear weapons was passed at a special meeting at the United Nations in New York on 7th July. This treaty was supported by 122 countries after many years of negotiations. Ongoing concerns have been raised by peace activists about the UK government not taking part in the talks. It is a huge disappointment that the UK has not participated in the process of agreeing the treaty. 

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