Sunday, 12 March 2017

Promote the mental health of all pupils

The impact of mental health on the attainment of children and young people is highlighted by a new publication from Children in Scotland and Youthlink Scotland. It refers to 1 in 5 children experiencing mental health issues before the age of 11. 

There is a need for Education Services to make changes to focus on intervening to address the mental health issues affecting children and young people. The views of children and young people have to be gathered to help shape the service provision that is developed as part of reducing the attainment gap. 

I agree with the recommendations that councillors have to work to promote the mental health of all pupils; protect third sector grants and youth work budgets; work with headteachers and parent councils to improve mental health and attainment; encourage participatory approaches to decision-making; and ensure there is a central information point listing services available for children and young people across Glasgow.

Ban Fracking

Yesterday, I met activists highlighting the dangerous from fracking and received a copy of their leaflet. Evidence was provided about the risks associated with hydraulic fracking.

Fracking can be banned as it does not help to reduce carbon emissions and stop climate chaos. Further information is available from Frackwatch Glasgow at:
and also, Scottish Green Party at

St. Georges Cross Underpass Lit Up

In the last week, we have experienced lighting faults in St. Georges Cross underpass. This caused concern for people's safety walking through this route. I reported the need for lighting repairs and the lights were back on by 10th March. 

View of lights on at St Georges Cross Underpass

Any problems with street lighting can be reported to Glasgow's Roads and Lighting Faults Helpline at:

Support for walking and cycling

Yesterday, at the Scottish Green Party's Spring Conference, I met up with representatives from Go Bike to provide support for the campaign to increase investment in cycling and walking. 

Three priorities supported are investment, infrastructure and local action.

Green councillor candidates support "We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote".

During the last year, I have requested additional cycle hire sites across the Hillhead area, including Hyndland Railway Station. Also, I have given my support for the development of the Woodside Mini-Holland Project. I have supported a Green budget proposal to provide £8m for cycling routes, the North Glasgow City Way and East Glasgow City Way in 2017-18.