Saturday, 21 March 2020

My surgeries cancelled due to Covid-19 Outbreak

From Tuesday 16th March, I cancelled my regular surgeries at Woodside Library, The Albany Centre, St. Charles Primary and Hillhead Library due to the Covid-19 Outbreak. Currently, I am working from home and can respond to enquiries by email or phone only. 

Name plates for back lanes in Woodlands

In recent weeks, name plates have been located at the entrances to private back lanes across Woodlands. This is a significant development undertaken by the Woodlands and Park Community Council, supported by Friends of Glasgow West and the Council.

The names given to the lanes are associated with neighbouring streets. This should help residents to report ongoing issues such as graffiti, parking, flytipping and anti-social behaviour in each lane. Hopefully, as a result, more owners will take an interest in enhancing the appearance of back lanes with gates, plants and community arts projects.

New recycling facilities at Cedar Street, Woodside.

I am supporting the development of new recycling facilities at the multi-storey flats on Cedar Street. Impressive posters to encourage recycling have been provided by school children.

The posters have been displayed in the flats for the benefit of the local residents. There is ongoing work to complete the refurbishment of the flats including recycling facilities and  enhancement of the local environment.

Improvements to Vinicombe Lane

Further to requests to ensure that parked cars are not blocking access to Vinicombe Lane, new yellow lines have been painted. 

View of Vinicombe Lane

The blocking of the lane by parked vehicles has resulted in delays to the uplift of waste. The yellow lines are needed to enforce no waiting at any time by vehicles.  

Segregated cycle lane works begin on Garscube Road

The initial phase of Connecting Woodside Project involving the creation of a two-way segregated cycle lane on the eastern side of Garscube Road has started. The construction work is expected to continue until September 2020.

View of Garscube Road

This is a major investment to help improve cycling infrastructure in the area.The route remains open for traffic and pedestrians during the programme of works. Further updates will be provided over the next 6 months.