Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Events at Kelvingrove Park

This month, there has been wetter weather than expected. Crowds have still been gathering in Kelvingrove Park to support various events such as the funfair and contemporary arts fair.

Funfair on the red blaes pitch.

Oor Wullie Bucket Trail promotion at the contemporary arts fair.

Until September, there are a series of events planned at the bandstand and information is being provided on the programme in a letter to residents and on noticeboards.

Scottish Water Improvements at the Flint Mill

On a walkabout, I noticed that improvements works by Scottish Water are progressing on the Kelvin Walkway. There is a riverbank area at the Flint Mill fenced off to complete this investment and information boards are provided to inform passersby.

View of riverbank at the Flint Mill
View of fenced area at the Flint Mill

A temporary pathway has been created to maintain access routes for pedestrians and cyclists on the Kelvin Walkway.

May Day Celebrations

On the 6th of May, I joined in the May Day March and Rally on George Square organised by Glasgow Trades Council. The focus was celebrating the life of John Maclean and commemorating the Red Clydeside era.

McCluskey Brothers perform on stage.

Crowds gather to hear a range of informative speakers.

The speeches highlighted the concerns of Equity members, Youth climate strikers and campaigners to save St Rollox Caley works in Springburn. 

It is vital that we safeguard European laws on workers' rights, on women's rights and on human rights. It is because of the European Union that these rights, achieved through hard fought  battles by trade unionists, by women, and others, are enshrined in law across Europe and this should be celebrated.