Thursday, 29 November 2018

Humpback Bridge repairs completed

This year, there has been significant investment in bridges over the River Kelvin. The substantial repairs to preserve the Humpback Bridge have been completed. This has transformed the appearance of the ironwork at the bridge and enhanced the views along the Kelvin Walkway.

This bridge is a vital link between North Kelvinside and the Botanic Gardens for pedestrians. I hope the improvements to the bridge will encourage more people to take part in health walks and reduce barriers to access the area along the Kelvin Walkway by foot.

Road safety issues at Gibson Street

This month, there has been ongoing concerns about the safety of pedestrians within Kelvin Way and Gibson Street area. There are a high number of people at the pedestrian crossings making their way to/from the primary school and early years centre in this location. 

Concern to improve safety at a shared space for cyclists 
and pedestrians outside the entrance to the early years centre on Kelvin Way. 

Damaged road barrier at Gibson Street

The new barrier at a junction on Gibson Street was hit by a vehicle within a few weeks of being installed. Further to a walkabout, a request was made for this barrier to be replaced.