Sunday, 31 July 2016

Support for entrepreneurs at The Tontine

This month, I attended an informative tour of the new centre for innovation - The Tontine - to find out what facilities are available for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The Tontine building is the base for services to support companies with 5-10 employees, focusing on development of innovative technology, design, creativity and manufacturing. It is funded by the Glasgow City Deal Region City Deal.

View of Office and desk spaces.

This iconic building has been refurbished to provide a range of flexible work facilities for meeting and networking, as well as offering office accommodation and desk spaces. Capital investment has involved energy efficiency measures including window restoration, and improved heating system. 

View of the flexible meeting spaces.

For further information about the range of business support services available, please go to: and

Struggle to end racism

We all have to stand together against racism and xenophobia. We can be proud that we live in a diverse and tolerant city. Racism, xenophobia and hate crimes have no place in Glasgow. Working together with local agencies and community groups, we can develop the resources needed to prevent racism and xenophobia. We must reassure all people living in Glasgow that they are valued members of our city. In Jo Cox's words, "There is more that unites us than divides us". 

In response to the EU referendum result, we give our support to calls for maintenance of the freedom of movement and guarantee all rights of EU migrants living in the UK. In addition, working alongside trade unions and environmental groups, we must help to keep environmental and workers protection established at the EU level as a minimum. Our young people's futures have to protected by commitment to funding EU student exchanges, research projects and youth employment schemes. 

We have to be determined to overcome the fear and hate in our communities. In solidarity with the US Green Party, we can support calls for a halt to the hatred and inequality in the United States. There are many courageous people who are struggling to bring an end to racist policies. We can help to build a new democracy where black lives matter. Hope not hate can prevail.

Vision for Glasgow's Allotments

In recent weeks, I have been reading about opportunities for allotment development across Glasgow and beyond. 

In a book called "Raising Spirits - Allotments, well-being and community", a series of recommendations are provided in support of allotments including;
1. Clear vision to support allotments by Glasgow City Council.
2. Sites for potential allotments to be identified as part of all audits of greenspace, adopted as central aspect of the Local Development Plan and protected for this purpose in the long-term.
3. Guidance and information needed on the implementation of allotment section of the Community Empowerment legislation.
4. Development of local hubs to promote best practice management model for allotments.

Views of Hamiltonhill Allotment.

We await the updating of the Glasgow Allotment Strategy, this year. It should be possible for these recommendations to be taken forward as part of the strategy.

For more information about "Raising Spirits - Allotments, well-being and community", please go to

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Book Sale for Glasgow Rape Crisis

Today, I supported the fundraising book sale held by Glasgow Rape Crisis Centre at the Spoon Cafe. This was opened by the award winning author and patron of the Centre, Denise Mina. Hundreds of donated, second hand books were for sale in the cafe. 

Books purchased in aid of Glasgow Rape Crisis.

Funding is needed for support services for women and girls. There is information on the services available at:

Donations can be made to the Rape Crisis Centre at:

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Exploring the redeveloped Kelvin Hall

Last week, I joined other local councillors for a tour of the first phase of the redevelopment of Kelvin Hall. This project has involved a partnership between Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Life, the University of Glasgow and the National Library of Scotland.

View of the front of the Kelvin Hall, Dumbarton Road
Under construction, the new entrance to the Kelvin Hall.

As part of the tour, I was able to find out about the various services provided from this redeveloped building and explore the impressive facilities that are available. 

There is high quality storage for objects from the University's Hunterian Museum and Council's collections, with a Hunterian Study Centre and lecture/seminar space for teaching/research. The National Library of Scotland's Moving Image Archive is also based here. Glasgow Club Gym offers a range of exercise and leisure activities including access to a gymnastics/martial arts hall, sports hall, large gym, and group fitness studios. It opens to the public in August 2016.

Investment at Old Station Park

On a recent visit to Old Station Park, I was delighted to find the new community noticeboard has been installed on the platform area overlooking the park. There are various posters advertising local events and local residents groups.

This noticeboard has funded by Hillhead Area Partnership

New parks management rules on display.

View of Old Station Park

There are two pieces of outdoor gym equipment which are due to be repaired, this month. This is a well used park which requires ongoing maintenance by Land and Environmental Services. 

Slippery cobbles at Kelvinbridge

This month, I have requested assistance from Scottish Water to carry out urgent repairs to prevent water flows down the cobbled lane at Kelvinbridge. I reported the problem with a water leak to council officials and Scottish Water in April of this year. 

View of the cobbled lane with water leak under the Great Western Bridge.

Residents have highlighted the very slippery surface of this lane due to the water leak. There is a need to complete the repair to protect the health and safety of the general public using this lane, particularly children and vulnerable adults, who walk and cycle here. 

Slippery surface caused by the water leak under the Great Western Bridge.

Someone could suffer an injury as a result of the slippery cobbles. I expect Scottish Water to complete the repair works, this month.