Sunday, 31 July 2016

Vision for Glasgow's Allotments

In recent weeks, I have been reading about opportunities for allotment development across Glasgow and beyond. 

In a book called "Raising Spirits - Allotments, well-being and community", a series of recommendations are provided in support of allotments including;
1. Clear vision to support allotments by Glasgow City Council.
2. Sites for potential allotments to be identified as part of all audits of greenspace, adopted as central aspect of the Local Development Plan and protected for this purpose in the long-term.
3. Guidance and information needed on the implementation of allotment section of the Community Empowerment legislation.
4. Development of local hubs to promote best practice management model for allotments.

Views of Hamiltonhill Allotment.

We await the updating of the Glasgow Allotment Strategy, this year. It should be possible for these recommendations to be taken forward as part of the strategy.

For more information about "Raising Spirits - Allotments, well-being and community", please go to

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