Friday, 29 October 2021

Glasgow to Global Exhibition

RSPB Scotland has a living exhibition taking place in Glasgow's Botanic Gardens until 12 November. On my visit today, I walked through the space demonstrating how urban streets, gardens, peatlands, grasslands, seas and coasts and forests can help to tackle the nature and climate emergency. 

View of display about the role of backcourts and community gardens

This exhibition is supporting efforts to raise awareness of nature in Scotland being in crisis with 1 in 9 species facing extinction. Action is needed to help nature restoration including Scotland's peat bogs which act as a massive carbon sink.

Stabilising tenement on Oakfield Avenue

Today, I noticed that works have been completed to stabilise the tenement on Oakfield Avenue.

Steel sheeting was erected to close off the area and this remains in place to create an exclusion zone. Further information on proposals to repair the building are awaited.

Thursday, 21 October 2021

Surgeries for November 2021

Update on my surgeries for Hillhead Ward

During November, I will be available to meet residents with concerns.

Please note the following information about my outdoor surgeries:-

Friday 5th November from from 2 - 3pm, at seating in Wilton Street Community Garden, Wilton Street.

Friday 19th November from from 2 - 3pm, at seating in Cresswell Street Playpark, Cresswell Street.

Please wear a mask, bring hand sanitiser and maintain 2 metres distance. You can drop - in or book an appointment in advance by email or text message. 

Also, I can meet by appointment using MS teams on the following days:-

Wednesday 3rd November from 7 - 8pm

Wednesday 17th November from 7 - 8pm

I look forward to hearing from you. 


Sunday, 17 October 2021

M8 Woodside Viaduct Repairs

There are emergency works taking place at the M8 Woodside Viaduct. Access is being maintained during the works for pedestrians and cyclists, using the underpass at New City Road.

View of underpass with new lights installed for the works.

View of the works underneath Woodside Viaduct

The compound for construction vehicles has been created on an open space at Braid Square and it has been surrounded by a white wooden fence.

Entrance to the compound for construction vehicles.

It is anticipated that the emergency works will taken many months to complete. If you have any comments or concerns about this work on the M8, please let me know.

Investment in tenements is needed

There are ongoing concerns about the repairs and maintenance of tenements. The flats located at 6-8 Melrose Street in Woodlands are awaiting refurbishment and have been boarded up for several years.

View of 6-8 Melrose Street

The need to invest in tenements is vital to improving housing standards including the energy efficiency and home safety of the housing stock. 

Saturday, 2 October 2021

Community consultation by Visibility Scotland

Today, I met with Laura Walker, CEO of Visibility Scotland to discuss plans for the future of the building on Queens Crescent, in Woodlands.

Laura Walker, CEO at Visibility Scotland

Visibility Scotland are seeking the views on how best to use the four storey building. There are opportunities to improve accessibility and develop training facilities, meeting rooms, a cafe and kitchen.

There are three options; a survey for local residents in the Woodlands and Woodside area, a survey for our service users (people living with a visual impairment in Glasgow and beyond) and a survey for professional stakeholders.

Further information is available at: