Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Celebration of wildlife

There is an exhibition at Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Glasgow Garden Festival 1988 over the next week supported by RSPB Scotland and Glasgow City Council.  During my visit, I shared my memories of the festival including the rollercoaster and amazing mirrors.

The exhibition goes on tour to the Science Centre, Glasgow Botanic Gardens and Glasgow Green. There are special items from the Garden Festival and a display about the Oor Wullie's Wildlife Garden.

Views of the exhibition.

There is a Glasgow Wildlife Garden Festival featuring activities promoting local community projects and greenspaces, running until September 2018. The main events take place in May and June.

Full details of the Glasgow Wildlife Garden Festival at: www.glasgowwildfest.org

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Spring flowers in Burnbank Terrace

On a walkabout of the Woodside area, I was delighted to find planters full of Spring flowers in Burnbank Terrace. The gardening activity has improved the street and created a focal point for residents to enjoy.

Views of planters

Thanks to everyone involved in supporting the introduction of the planters including Burnbank Gardens Association and Queens Cross Housing Association.

Changing face of Great Western Road

In recent weeks, concerns have been raised about the closure of shops on Great Western Road, specifically Maplin and Ducati. This week, there have been reports of Glasgow high street shops struggling to compete with online.

Maplins closing down sale.
Ducati store shut.

Hopefully, the vacant shop units on Great Western Road will result in new businesses opening up and development of the local economy. There is currently uncertainty for many local businesses and a need to support the existing shops in the high street.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Montague Street Trees

Further to requests, the Council has planted 3 new trees at the junction of Montague Street and Great Western Road. 

Only one of the trees planted by the developer of the new flats on Montague Street survived. Thankfully, it has been possible to access replacement trees with the support of the Council's Land and Environmental Services.

View of newly planted trees

I hope that we will get to enjoy these trees thrive and grow on this street. It is essential that we retain our street trees as they enhance the quality of the environment for everyone.