Friday, 31 January 2020

Yellow lines on Burgh Lane

The yellow lines have been painted in Burgh Lane to improve access to the Hillhead Library and surrounding area.
View of the yellow lines in Burgh Lane.

I hope that this work by the Council will lead to a more attractive and cleaner cobbled lane. Thanks to everyone involved in supporting this lane improvement.

Support businesses in Byres Road and its Lanes

This month, we have experienced the lose of several, long-term businesses on Byres Road. The high street is under severe pressure from changing shopping patterns and the need to support the existing businesses in Byres Road is more necessary than ever. 

Closure of Fopp on 25th January. 

Closure of Demijohn on 26th January.

New businesses and entrepreneurs must also be attracted to Hillhead. I continue to support the development work of the Byres Road and Lanes Business Improvement District, known as "Visit West End" to promote the area.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Recycling of Festive Trees

This week, I noticed festive trees being composted after being left for recycling at a  designated grass area on Kelvin Way, opposite the bandstand.

Hundreds of Festive Trees deposited at grass area on Kelvin Way.

It is possible to dispose of trees until 19th January at this location, as well as Pollok Country Park, Burrell Car Park and Alexandra Park, off Alexandra Parade, car park next to the golf course.