Sunday, 24 June 2018

Improvement to play facilities at Cresswell Street

In recent weeks, the play area at Cresswell Street has been improved with new equipment and surfacing installed by the Council.

View of pocket park in Cresswell Street

This neighbourhood has limited local play areas and improvements will ensure local families have access to good quality play facilities on their door step. The general maintenance of this park's greenery including bulb planting and trees will be reviewed over the coming months. 

Support for street festivals

I am supporting local streets festivals to help reduce air pollution and encourage people to meet up in their street. On Friday afternoon, 22nd of June, I joined the crowds in Braeside Street to celebrate Street Life.

View of Braeside Street closed to traffic 
between 3-7pm on 22nd June.

There were street games, face painting, and cycling activities taking place in the street which brought families together to socialise outdoors. It was a great success and hopefully, will lead to regular street festivals and playing out events.

Kelvingrove Park is more popular than ever

This year, the sun has shone and everyone has been spending more time in their local parks. Kelvingrove Park has been very popular as a meeting place for friends and family in recent weeks. 

Refer to the park management rules. 

The amount of litter, including plastic and glass bottles, is causing concern as it is a major eyesore on the grass slopes. The clean up by the Council is costly and diverts staff from general maintenance work to be carried out across the North of the City. 

View of the Stewart Memorial Fountain.

Park users are encouraged to use the large litter bins installed in the park or take their litter home to their own bins. This action would reduce the problem of plastic pollution in our local environment and improve safety for everyone using the grass areas, including young children playing and dogs exercising. 

Support for pedestrianisation of lanes

In the past, it was agreed to pedestrianise Cresswell Lane with deliveries to businesses restricted to mornings. This arrangement is being suggested for Ashton Lane, Burgh Lane and Vinicombe Street to improve pedestrian safety and encourage visitors to the area. 

Cresswell Lane is pedestrianised.

Ashton Lane is still open to traffic 
and pedestrianisation is being proposed.

The historic lanes are unique architectural features of the West End. A visit to the shops and businesses in these lanes is a special part of any visit to the area. By pedestrianisation of these specific areas, it will be possible to create more seating and less traffic concerns.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Refurbishment of play area at Cedar Street

On a walkabout of the Woodside area, I noticed that improvements to the play facilities at Cedar Street have been completed by the Council.

View of the revamped play area.

This investment in new play equipment, resurfacing and new fencing is a major boost to families with young children in the area. It will encourage parents to involve their children in outdoor play activities as a better play space has been created.