Sunday, 30 January 2022

Impact of exclusion zone at Trinity Tower

Yesterday, an exclusion zone was created around the Trinity Tower building at Lynedoch Street due to safety concerns. 

This has resulted in some residents being evacuated and a rest centre at Kelvin Hall has been set up by the Council, supported by the Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership.

Also, there are road closures in place as follows:-

Lynedoch Street from Lynedoch Crescent to Lynedoch Place

Lynedoch Place at Park Circus Place

Woodlands Terrace at junction at Lynedoch Street/Lynedoch Place

Claremont Place

Woodside Terrace Lane at rear of Trinity building

Woodside Terrace/Claremont Terrace junction closed.

Thanks to all the staff involved in keeping people safe including Building Standards, Traffic Management, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Glasgow Life and Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership.

Please note that I completed a walkabout yesterday and today. I will continue to monitor the area through visits on foot. I await further information from building standards officer at the Council. 

Access by footway at Claremont Pass leading to Claremont Terrace

This is a very distressing time for all the residents within the Park area. If I can be of assistance to anyone affected, please get in touch.

Sunday, 16 January 2022

Filming at Kelvinbridge

It seems that the disused tunnels at Kelvinbridge are being used for filming, today. I noticed that temporary buildings and access arrangements are provided for the cast and crew.

Glasgow is supporting more film productions with promotion of its unique architecture and heritage features. The film industry is vital to support the local economy and generate new opportunities for creative talent.

Objection to drive through on Tollcross Road

There is a proposal, planning reference: 21/03694/FUL to erect a restaurant/hot food takeaway and drive thru, with access, parking, landscaping and associated works. It is located at 1220 Tollcross Road, Glasgow, G32 8HH. I have objected due to the following issues:-

-Impact on local town centre

This proposal will have a negative impact on local food and drink businesses within the Tollcross area. There is already an over provision of local take aways and restaurants on Tollcross Road including Salt & Chilli Chinese Takeaway, Transylvania Food and Coffee, Sizzlers Indian TakeOut, Sea Salt Fish and Chips, The Chinese Hot Wok Tollcross, Wing Wah Takeaway, Ruby Murrys Takeaway, Rice Garden Chinese Takeaway, the Fullarton Grill, and Gourmet House. There is a choice of local drive through facilities nearby at London Road, currently occupied by McDonalds, KFC and Costa.

- Contrary to Policy

  • The Council declared a Climate Emergency

  • The Council agreed in September 2021 to explore measures to curb new drive-throughs

  • Car-centric infrastructure should not be approved

Glasgow City Councillors acknowledged in September 2021 that Glasgow must play its part to tackle the climate emergency and that this includes curbing the introduction of new drive throughs to reduce emissions and improve air quality in our neighbourhoods. 

- Road safety, traffic and parking issues

  • Significant increase of local traffic due to cars at the proposed site

  • Queues will form onto Tollcross Road

  • Car idling will cause further air pollution and noise pollution

  • Excessive local emissions from proximity to M7 and London Road.

The council has a long term transport strategy to increase walking, cycling and wheeling and reduce car use. This proposal will have the opposite effect. Drive throughs not only increase harmful emissions and entrench car use, but increase traffic congestion.

- Residential amenity 

This proposal is not in the best interests of the Tollcross neighbourhood and its residents. There will be a negative impact from a significant increase in cars and the queues that will form onto Tollcross Road creating a danger to road safety, on top of the car idling that will occur as happens at all drive throughs is an unacceptable cost to the community.

Tenement repairs at Oakfield Avenue

There is an ongoing public concern about the tenement at 16-18 Oakfield Avenue which is awaiting repairs. Neighbours are seeking an update on the programme of repairs.

view of the tenement and surrounding fencing

Regular enquiries are being undertaken to seek information from the structural engineers and owners of the property. Oakfield Avenue is still closed off. More details are awaited on the length of time required to complete the works.